At Hancock & Associates, we are delighted to offer our clients yet another innovative solution to their company’s accounting system needs. Adagio Software enables companies to move away from out-dated ACCPAC Plus for DOS, while minimizing the costs associated with lengthy data conversion processes. Rest assured that you and your employees will benefit immensely when you upgrade your accounting software to Adagio by Softrak. Retain many of the ACCPAC Plus features that you know and love, but take advantage of the incredible advances that Adagio has made to your trusted system.

In September 2006 ACCPAC Plus became a discontinued product. However, many organizations have continued to use this software because they have faith in its functionality and enjoy its simplicity. Luckily, Softrak Systems was a part of the team that developed ACCPAC Plus. Therefore, Softrak’s new and improved Adagio Systems share similar beginnings with ACCPAC Plus. This means that your administrative staff will not have to make significant adjustments to their daily accounting practices, but they will still be able to make the much-needed change from DOS to Windows.

Adagio Software seamlessly integrates with ACCPAC Plus, enhancing user-experience without complications. There is absolutely no data conversion required between these two products. Further, because they are so similar, your staff will not need to be trained on the new system. Hancock & Associates can provide a brief orientation that will maximize efficiency, but otherwise, your employees should be able to use the new system in less than one working day. Like ACCPAC Plus for DOS, a mouse is not required for data entry in Adagio. Most importantly, all of your menus, processes and error messages will remain consistent, minimizing confusion and maximizing productivity.

In addition to the ease of conversion, when Hancock & Associate clients switch to Adagio Accounting Systems, they will benefit from a wide array of software improvements. Your administrative team will soon be working on an award-winning spreadsheet-based financial reporter that simplifies complex accounting. Adagio allows you to easily handle multiple year projections and create professional financial statements with minimum expertise. More accurately measure your company’s growth with side-by-side comparative reports that are easy to create. Adagio also enables your staff to print out CPA compliant checks and presentation-ready reports with ease.

In as little as 15 minutes your accounting software will go from out-dated to innovative with Adagio by Softrak. Hancock & Associates will take care of any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the switch over. We commit to doing everything in our power to minimize disruptions to your business day. Contact our accounting software specialists and make the positive change from ACCPAC DOS to Windows today.