We work with Sage Accpac accounting software since it’s inception. Going all the way back to Accpac Plus for DOS to today’s Sage Accpac ERP.

We also work with Adagio Accounting software and Quik Books.

For Point-of-Sale needs we deal with ODI Business Systems out of Edmonton, AB.

For integration with your back end accounting system via EDI we use Innersurf International for our integration needs.

For barcodes and labels we deal with Enablecore Technologies (formerly MJD Software).


Being a CGA professional one of the services we provide is auditing. An audit is an essential part of accounting and not only from the financial aspect. It should include areas such as system security, safety and environmental issues. Nowadays these issues can not be overlooked.

Our audits will determine the accuracy of your financial information and also assess your accounting systems internal control of your company.


For those smaller companies who want to focus on building their client base and relationships with clients and do not have the time or resources to devote to their accounting system we have office staff to offer bookkeeping services to give you peace of mind that all of your financial information is on time and accurate or any other financial requirements you may have.

Custom Programming

Does your current system need enhancement? Are you prohibited by your current software to meet and surpass any challenges you may have? Maybe you require custom programming which will allow you to be able to not only meet those challenges but overcome them and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

We can provide for you custom programming to meet those challenges.


With over 15 years experience in the EDI industry we can provide for you the expertise to bridge your back end accounting system with any trading partners you have or need to deal with. We have dealt with, to name a few are RONA, Canadian Tire, Sears, Home Depot and Target.

EDI is a great way to make your company more efficient (no data entry) and more profitable and increase cash flow with far greater turn around times.

If you’re setup is AS2 or VAN we have a solution for you.


With over 17 years experience in the Point-of-Sale industry we can provide for you the expertise to bridge your back end accounting system with your retail store.

No more rekeying of sales into your accounting system. Have sales, tax and inventory information all up to date in real time.

Barcoding & Labels

Does your EDI system require you to product barcodes and/or labels? Do you need to produce labels when shipping? We can integrate all of that information and bridge the gap to your accounting system.

Crystal Reporting

Does your current accounting system not produce the information you want or are having a hard time getting the information you want?

Ask us about our Crystal Reporting service and get the information you require that is accurate and get in a timely fashion.

IT Professionals

Not happy with your current IT person or company? Want to be pointed in the right direction and have the peace of mind that your system is being maintained properly?

We deal with a couple of companies who services will meet those requirements that you want.

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