About Hancock & Associates, London Ontario's accounting experts.

Scott Hancock Honours B. Comm.

Scott Hancock is an accounting software specialist in London, Ontario. After graduating with an Honours Business Communications Degree from the Odette School of Business, Scott joined his father’s accounting software firm, John Hancock & Associates, in 1995.

During his 20 years with Hancock & Associates, Scott has been intimately involved with the rapid changes in technology that directly affect his clients’ operations. From mastering 64K machines to Windows 8 and everything in between, Scott has remained on top of innovative trends in hardware and software that pertain to accounting systems. He maintains a firsthand working knowledge of current technology and specializes in determining which accounting systems will best enable his clients’ organizations to run effectively and efficiently.

From standalone operations to multi-user network environments, Scott ensures that his clients have up-to-date accounting systems in place. He has collaborated with the biggest trading partners in Canada to set up various EDI systems , integrating their capabilities with back end accounting systems. He has worked with Home Depot, Canadian Tire and RONA — just to name a few.

Scott is proud to work for an accounting software firm that is family owned, operated and oriented. He delivers customized service to each and every client to ensure that his products and services enhance their businesses. He stands confidently behind Softrack’s Adagio accounting software because he truly believes it is the best accounting system available for modern businesses.

If you are looking for an accounting software consultant who you can trust to put your business’ needs first, contact Scott and his father at John Hancock & Associates in London, Ontario.