Why Electronic Data Interchange will Change the Way that You do Business

With over 15 years of experience as EDI service providers in London, Ontario we can provide you with the expertise to bridge your back end accounting system with any trading partners you work with, or may deal with in the future. Hancock & Associates has helped RONA, Canadian Tire, Sears, Home Depot and Target realize the ease with which they can seamlessly integrate systems using electronic data interchange. We are proud to provide businesses across Southwestern Ontario with the countless advantages of EDI.

EDI is a great way to make your company more efficient, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This frees up staff time to concentrate on business development and the optimization of other daily operations that impact your bottom line. Professionally installed EDI solutions maximize your company’s profitability and cash flow because they catalyze turn around times, allowing you and your partners to exchange information, payment and products faster.

Our EDI solutions will also help you to eliminate manual data processing errors. Everyone makes mistakes, but our technology does not. Therefore, you can always trust that your transactions and records will be fast and flawless, reducing lead times and enhancing communication. Never fall behind on an order again. Companies that take advantage of Advanced Shipping Notices know what needs to be delivered; therefore, then can compensate for foreseeable shortages. If you’re setup is AS2 or VAN, then we have an EDI solution for you.

Most importantly, our clients have reaped incredible benefits in regards to improving relationships with retailers. EDI positions your company so that you are able to adapt to any new innovations that retailers may implement. This makes your business more attractive to a wider range of high-quality clients. Our firm is proud to be an industry leader that supports other companies’ leadership capabilities by combining innovative products with customer-centric implementation.

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