How to Create Financial Reports with Adagio Accounting

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to creating financial statements with Adagio Ledger. Customize titles and formatting to create smart looking statements that are easy to read. Avoid extra work when sharing between internal and external teams by controlling who sees what information and what actions they are able to take with each statement. Beautify your statements so that your team can feel confident leveraging them for client-facing presentations. Take control over your cash flow and begin to shape a more sustainable business. Find the necessary historical information and forward-looking financial facts all in one place with financial statements made with Adagio Accounting.

Be efficient without sacrificing style

  • Drag and drop specific information across reports to avoid redundant actions
  • Leverage pre-built, customized calculations to elevate accuracy and streamline alternating between reports
  • Choose whether or not to use a mouse to increase efficiency and minimize human error
  • Brand all of your statements with your company logo
  • Combine a variety of statements (inventory, budgets, billing, assets, liabilities, etc.) into condensed reports that paint the big picture of your business

Make sense of information to build strategies

  • Easily locate highly specific information so that you can report relevant information to various team members
  • Compare year-on-year reports to gage the health of your bottom line
  • Contrast expenses, profits, and client-specific information to ensure that your business is positioned for success
  • Adagio easily locates accounts based on their description or other remembered data to take you to and from the appropriate clients
  • See the affects of payouts before you have committed them to your account statements to make smarter purchasing decisions

Easily export & share

  • Choose to hide particular comments and data during printing to avoid over-sharing with internal and external stakeholders
  • Adagio software is Microsoft Windows compatible, so the majority of your recipients should be able to easily access the contents
  • Adagio accounts information is presented in a clear and concise fashion, allowing end users to quickly sort through what they want to read and compare
  • Fax and email your statements straight from the source in whatever file format best suits your intended recipients

See what your company’s past, present, and future looks like all in one convenient place. Trust that all of your important accounting information is safely stored in software that you can easily access with the click of a button. Adagio offers payment solutions, operational suites, and financial suites so that you can monitor and report upon every aspect of your business. Adagio is exceptionally easy to use, and our accounting software specialists will be happy to teach you how to leverage all of its game-changing properties. Contact our firm and learn more about what Adagio software best suits your industry and your operational structure.

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