What is Adagio?

Adagio is an impressive modular Windows accounting software. This Softrak Systems product is easy to understand and operate. Further, the batch interface creates professional-looking invoices, statements and checks that organizations are proud to produce.

Adagio is a mouse free data entry system for companies that manage between $2 and $100 million in sales and revenue. Built-in software makes Adagio created accounting invoices easy to email or virtually fax to colleagues and clients.

Why you’ll love Adagio

Feel confident using an award-winning accounting program to support the daily functions of your business. At Hancock and Associates we believe that a product that makes your organization more productive and profitable is not a cost you incur, but rather a sound investment. 25 years of working in accounting has taught John Hancock that ease of use and effectiveness are what busy businesspeople have come to rely on.

Adagio is easily integrated with Excel. With one click you can transfer your financial statements to Excel without sacrificing formatting. The Adagio financial reporting functions create flexible financial statements that are easily formatted for your particular professional needs.

Adagio accounting is built for speed. Significantly reduce data entry times by copying, updating and reusing transaction types to save thousands of keystrokes per project.

Organizations are always juggling multiple projects. Adagio will help keep them in order and ensure that each project is easily accessible. Adagio performs time and hassle-saving lookup functions to help users quickly locate past projects, sales statistics and customer histories.

Adagio Accounting Software is an easy to use data entry product that your business will love. Contact John or Scott Hancock for a free overview regarding how Adagio can transform your data entry projects into professional-looking, high functioning statements today.