Professional Services (Law, Accounting, Medical Practice)

You work hard in your area of expertise to provide clients with quality services. Therefore, you should not have to waste your energy simply trying to track billable hours. Our Time&Billing program saves you time, allowing you to invest more of your talent into innovative client care. In addition to tracking hours, attempting to organize tasks, rates and file details can become daunting. However, Adagio Accounting Software eliminates human error. Create more professional reports and receipts today with a variety of diverse programs designed to support professional services.

Feel proud demonstrating your results with custom print outs that are professional looking and reader-friendly. Relax knowing that your clients and co-workers are on the same page. Take advantage of this advanced software package and immediately see the improvements that it makes to your professional services business.

Public Accounting

Thousands of accountants are bettering public institutions with innovative technologies from Adagio. The Adagio FX Financial Reporter replaces the need for endless hours spent filling out detailed reports on Excel. Now you can create custom templates for each client and reuse them monthly to maximize efficiency and minimize mistakes.

Adagio Time & Billing allows you to keep track of employees and clients, ensuring that each party’s contributions to a project are properly documented. You will enjoy the flexibility to create specialized “client” and “accounting” copies that simplify distribution and time management. Also, print bills, invoices and historical information in formats that are easy to send and understand.

Adagio BankRec revolutionizes the way your business handles cash positions. Our seamlessly integrated Payables & Receivables Software will enable you to reconcile accounts, charges and fees to produce a valid bank statement in minutes.

Adagio Ledger: Don’t type and re-type. Instead, drag and drop complex data into customizable spreadsheet-based reports. Our software supports a 12 or 13 period fiscal calendar, allowing you to stay organized and on top of your financial game. Our transaction management system guarantees that only approved and balanced statements are entered into your accounts. Work smarter, not harder with Adagio Accounting Software.