Not For Profit

Your organization betters our communities. Your tireless work makes the day-to-day lives of the underrepresented fuller and fairer. You are passionate about helping people and, at Adagio, we are passionate about helping you to do this more successfully. A non-profit depends on funding to assist its audiences; therefore, it is essential that your organization properly records funding and expenses.

Adagio FX helps you to manage several projects at once. We have perfected our software’s ability to create and protect the documents that are necessary for running a non-profit organization. When you use Adagio Ledger, your staff time will not be taken up with menial administrative tasks. Instead, you will be able to conquer even more pressing social issues than ever before.

Adagio SalesCQ is essential for any organization that interacts with financial supporters or prospective donors. Using this program, you can quickly scan Adagio reports to derive essential client relations’ information. Don’t settle for software that doesn’t work for you. Enhance your team’s ability to fulfill its mission with products designed specifically for charitable organizations.

Adagio is here to help and therefore, we offer our valued non-profit members special prices that suite your budgets. Many Canadian non-profits have already fallen in love with Adagio products. Click here to discover why Adagio is the best product to catalyze your non-profit towards brighter, bolder innovation.