Adagio Accounting Software

John Hancock & Associates understand that accounting can be complicated; however, we are here to ensure you that it does not have to be. For 25 years, our firm has prided itself on upholding traditional values while providing our clients with innovative technologies and cutting edge services.

As always, we seal deals with a handshake – no written agreements required. We have faith in our clients because, over the years, we have worked hard to establish mutual respect and trust with everyone that we serve.

John Hancock & Associates is pleased to introduce the revolutionary accounting software Adagio. We recognize the value of products that truly work for your unique business. That is why Hancock & Associates is a proud reseller of this efficient and effective accounting software.

Hancock & Associates offers our clients free overviews of their accounting systems and software. If you are ready to print innovative invoices and manage projects seamlessly, we are confident that Adagio is the right product for you.

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Adagio Products – Industries Served



Building & Contracting

Professional Services (Law, Accounting, Medical Practice)

The Hospitality Industry

Food & Beverage

Not For Profit